"Orly Wahba is an amazing speaker, storyteller, and entertainer! Not only was she our keynote speaker at our virtual event in March, but she was also our co-emcee. And boy, did she ever knock it out of the park! When I first met Orly online, I knew a little bit about her work and had seen her videos, but once we started to collaborate, it was evident that she walks her talk. Orly was so easy to work with, perhaps because our work is aligned, and we share similar dreams. On some level, the concept of kindness is so simple. It’s just common sense; I mean how many ways can we encourage people to be kind, right? Who can’t get behind the idea of kindness? The way Orly spoke with her stories, energy, and authenticity, including her impromptu reactions to what was happening at our event, made the simple idea of kindness come alive. Our attendees loved it as evidenced by active and engaged online chat throughout the entire event. If I were to create a word cloud about Orly, I would say she is smart, articulate, passionate, thoughtful, organized, dependable, creative, gracious, kind, supportive, collaborative, caring, and mission-driven! Thank you so much, Orly, for this experience – before, during, and after!"

YMCA of Silicon Valley