Meet the Team

Learn a bit more about the awesome people that make up the members of our exciting kindness caravan! And don't forget to follow us along as we travel across the US!

Sophie Wilkie


Hailing from the United Kingdom, Sophie Wilkie is a musician, photographer and artist. She moved to California in 2015, and released her debut album, Quiet Magic, in the summer of 2016. Sophie’s passion for photography was born out of a love for light and an immense appreciation of the everyday beauty that surrounds us. Sophie is currently living in her self-converted campervan, and travelling around the United States. Her music and photography have been used all the over the world, in a variety of ways.

To me, kindness is an essential, transformative and extraordinarily powerful force that moves mysteriously and weaves us all together.

I am excited about the tour for so many reasons, one of them being that it is such an incredible opportunity to meet lots of exciting people out on the road, each with a unique story to tell. I am looking forward to making unexpected connections, and lasting friendships.

Your favorite quote

“This grand show is eternal. It is always sunrise somewhere.” John Muir

Your favorite song

This changes on a day to day basis!

Your favorite hobby

It's a tie between cooking, learning the names of all the wildflowers I stumble upon, and learning to paint with watercolor.

Your favorite food

A generous portion of chicken and farmers market veggie stew, with some sourdough bread and lots of butter. This, of course, is to be eaten on a chilly evening after a long and rainy hike!

Your favorite movie

Rather than a movie, I'd choose an old box set of BBC travel documentaries. I grew up watching these, stories of vast train journeys crossing Mongolian plains, of enigmatic Himalayan Kingdoms hidden away from the rest of the world, that sort of thing. Completely transporting!

Mike Hedge

Problem Solver

Graduated from LA Film School majoring in producing and cinematography. As The Dust Settles is my first feature-length documentary that I produced and edited. I enjoy adventure travel, photography, gardening, and free energy research. I’m also an Eagle Scout, class of 1997.

Kindness is a gift. The beauty is that it feels nice to give gifts!

Excited to capture a truly amazing variety of events, projects, people’s stories, and moments of Kindness!

Your favorite quote

“Nothing is more important than that you feel good. Just practice that and watch what happens.” ~Abraham Hicks

Your favorite song

Probably something from M83 or Sigur Ros

Your favorite hobby

Gardening, photography, camping etc.

Your favorite food


Your favorite movie

One of my favorites is Iron Will

Elana Ades


Hi! I’m Elana – I’m a Virgo, enjoy food & love a good adventure. Can’t wait to meet my fellow American’s and share in the beauty that is kindness. You know what they say…. KINDNESS IS FREE – SPRINKLE THAT S–T EVERYWHERE!

I know is that when someone is kind to me, I feel good. I know that when I do something kind for someone else, I feel good. I know that when I see a kind act take place among others, I feel good. Common denominator of feeling good = kindness.

I’m looking forward to being a part of the kindness domino effect. Of showing people how easy kindness can be. Of helping to make a positive difference, in any capacity. Finding my own inspiration. Meeting new people.

Your favorite quote

Cinderella is proof that shoes can change your life.

Your favorite song

I do have some guilty pleasure songs but if i tell you i'll have to kill you.

Your favorite food

Easier question: what's your least favorite food? Wasabi.

Your favorite movie

First favorite movie ever was 'The Little Mermaid'.

Jeremy Snyder


6′ 9″ gentle giant living in Nashville area. I have a 6 year old daughter who is my world. I have made a decision to teach my daughter to become the kindest and most loving person she can be. I have dedicated my life to teaching her that and have done many events under my group “The Garden Of Good” in order to fulfill that mission. When I met Orly I saw her as what I want my little girl to be when she grows up and for that reason I’m proud to have teamed up with her and all the others on the tour. She is an inspiration to many and I feel that we will all teach each other so much. Excited for what the future will hold.

It is the difference between good and evil, the difference between smiles and frowns. Kindness is love and seeing people for who they are. Never for what they can do for you but only to try and impact another persons life with the love in your heart with hopes that they will do the same for others. Teach, don’t preach! Kindness is the innocence we all have deep inside underneath all the pain we carry with us.

Because I am so excited to meet people who see the world the way I do. Together we are gonna bring so many people together and change the world. Proud to be part of it.

Your favorite quote

People become what they see so make sure you show them love.

Your favorite hobby


Your favorite food

Indian food.

Your favorite movie

Too many great movies to pick.

Cormac Noonan


Cormac has recently left his job as an IT Consultant in Ireland and moved to Vancouver, Canada. He aims to pursue his dream career which involves helping others and he also set up Pizza Sunday Club in Ireland back in 2015 which aims to create communities around those experiencing homelessness.

Cormac was once interviewed for the BBC news about job prospects for college students while wearing a Santa costume.

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