Orly spoke to the entire Sophomore grade about her own life experiences and inspired each and every one of them to make the most of their situations and to always choose kindness. The students were engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the talk, despite the fact that it was on Zoom (an almost impossible feat with high schoolers in this day and age who are 'zoomed out'). The students were able to relate to her stories and left excited to take the next step towards making real changes. Here are some testimonials from our students:"I thought she was an amazing speaker!""I loved it. She has so much passion and inspired me. She made me want to hear more and listen.""I loved everything she had to say and I would listen to the speech on repeat if I was able to.""I really liked it and I related to the things she said in some ways. I also cried, I really really liked it."Thank you so much Orly for inspiring our students!

Caroll Dweck and students, Yeshivah of Flatbush Highschool