Marge Magner

In good times, when everything feels right, kindness seems to be part of the mix. You feel it, you see it and you know it’s happening around you. When times aren’t so good, looking out at life can feel very heavy and difficult. Sometimes it hurts just to breathe. That’s exactly when kindness is the game changer, whether you are a receiver or giver, it is kindness that will help you breathe, think and do.

Orly Wahba, in Kindness Boomerang, has made kindness an action word. It’s not enough to have it in mind, it is something you do. And, the action itself, creates waves of energy and impact. Orly has made it clear to the reader, that the action and the effort have profound results. While daily life may be an excuse to fill our time with too much to do to do kindness, it is precisely daily life that presents us with so many opportunities to act, to do kindness. It only requires that we take action. No searching is necessary.

I loved reading Kindness Boomerang, partly because I could hear Orly’s voice urging me, the reader, to just get on with it —-the need to do kindness is all around us—but also because Orly calls on other voices, current and past, well known and not, to provide perspective and context. Albert Einstein’s, “A fellow who does things that count doesn’t usually stop to count them;” or Frederick Collins, “There are two kinds of people in the world: those who come into a room and say ‘Here I am’ and those who come into a room and say ‘Ah, there you are!” or Winston Churchill’s, “By swallowing evil words unsaid, no one has ever harmed his stomach,” are examples of clear and meaningful nudges to the reader.

Each page, one for every day of the year, is an opportunity to act. We can think about kindness as something we ought to do, or we can do it everyday in many ways to many people. Read Kindness Boomerang and you will experience your day differently and better. I’m quite certain that the people around you, the ones you know and the ones you have yet to meet, will have a better day too!