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Let’s start with some GRATITUDE! This tour would not be possible without the support of our sponsors who are true partners in kindness! They believe as deeply as we do in the importance of building a kinder, happier more unified world and we’re psyched to have them on board!

About the Tour

To celebrate the launch of my new book, Kindness Boomerang: How to Save the World (and Yourself) Through 365 Daily Acts, I am super pumped to be heading out on the #KindnessBoomerang tour, a six week cross country tour to spread kindness, create positive dialogue and increase kindness perception in the USA. The tour aims to provide a solution to the rift happening within our country and by so doing ignite a kindness revolution. To culminate our tour we will be releasing a documentary of our journey.

Throughout the tour I’ll be hosting presentations and dialogue workshops, engaging thought leaders, and running interactive volunteer activities to activate communities around the US to begin making a change within their own community. In addition I’ll be interviewing loads of people throughout the journey and inviting members of each of the communities I visit to engage with me personally in some of my favorite hobbies and activities; after all this tour is all about promoting positive social bonding, creating friendships and engaging in real human connection. Plus, you can track me as I move from city to city! Tune in to my weekly live streams beginning November 1st!

You can take part by joining in on one of my adventures in your own city, booking me for a talk in your school or place of work, or make a contribution through our Indiegogo Campaign and give what you can to help fund our journey.

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What I'll be doing on the tour

An extension of my initial journey into the wonderful world of kindness, this listening and sharing tour will not only serve to continue spreading awareness about the power of kindness, but it will also bring to light ways in which we aim to increase kindness perception within the US. My goal is to use this tour as a means to spark conversation and positive dialogue with people of all backgrounds around the importance of kindness and how together we can make the US a kinder place to live and from there the world at large. I’ll be using my book, Kindness Boomerang, to inspire, empower and equip those I meet along the journey with tools to make a change in their own life and within their community. So what will I be doing on the tour?


With a focus on schools and Universities, I will be giving talks in each city and distributing copies of Kindness Boomerang, as a practical guide to begin creating a lasting impact.

Book Signings:

Bring me to your local shop for a signing or perhaps host a signing in your home!

Volunteer Activities:

Community members will be invited and encouraged to join me in local community based volunteer activities showing the importance of giving back within our own community. From Kindness Scavenger Hunts, to volunteering at soup kitchens, to playing bingo in nursing homes, to getting decked out in fun costumes and giving out free gifts and toys in hospitals, to giving out free hugs on the streets, to giving out free cups of coffee, to creating awesome chalk walks in your neighborhood, to giving meals to the homeless, to serenading strangers with some inspirational tunes, to throwing puppet shows for kids in local parks, to breaking out into FlashMobs on your city streets, the list is endless!

Have an idea? I’d love to hear it! I’m totally open for suggestions! Email me at

Community Activities:

Meet up with me in your city and join in on some of my favorite hobbies - I have LOADS of them and I always love picking up new ones! This also ensures that I practice a bit of self-care by doing some of the basic things that just make me happy! From playing sports (basketball, softball, tennis, ping pong, ice skating, rollerblading), to starting a jam session (yes, I am a drummer!), to yoga, to movies or plays, to amusement parks, laser tag, karaoke, etc... Let’s have some fun!

Live Streams + Videos:

Follow the Kindness Caravan across the USA! Check out my YouTubeLIVE, Facebook LIVE, and InstaLIVE streams every week! I’ll be giving away awesome Kindness Packages and gifts throughout the tour and challenging you guys to record your own #KindnessBoomerang videos! More details to come!

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Where I'm headed!

The Kindness Boomerang tour will be taking place over the course of six jam-packed weeks!

Vancouver, WashingtonPortland, Oregon

San Francisco, CaliforniaLos Angeles, California

Las Vegas, NevadaDenver, Colorado

TBA(To Be Announced)

TBA(To Be Announced)

Nashville, TennesseeNew York, New York

Book Giveaway!

Will I be stopping in your city?Enter yourself or a friend to win a hand delivered copy of the book! Please note, entries are only valid for cities we will be stopping in.

Kindness Impact

It is my belief that we are all unique, significant and special in our own way; each of us with something to contribute to this wonderful world that only we can give.

Orly Wahba

Help Us Raise $50,000

Traveling across the US is no simple thing and can be costly, especially when you’re traveling with 4! Contribute what you can to make this amazing Kindness Boomerang journey take flight! Funds raised will be used for expenses throughout the 6 week journey including:

Our goal is to engage in kindness activities at every single location! As you’ll see from the perks when you contribute you determine the acts of kindness we’ll be able to engage in within each city! From treating people to cups of coffee, to buying toys to give out at a children’s hospital, to gifting bouquets of flowers to senior citizens in an old age home, the list goes on and on!

We’ll all be flying into Seattle, hoping in a van and driving from the west coast all the way back to the east coast! Transportation includes everything from airfare, gas and our kindness caravan.

This includes expenses for hotels and/or airbnb throughout the journey.

We would like to GIVE 50 books away at each destination.

Cause we gotta have fuel in our tanks to keep on keeping on!

In an effort to create greater, long lasting impact we will be producing a documentary chronicling the journey and sharing the stories of those meet throughout the tour. In addition we will be releasing weekly video productions.

Any additional funds we raise, go directly to Life Vest Inside, the non profit responsible for making this entire journey possible! Life Vest Inside is a 501c3 non profit on a mission to inspire, empower and educate people of all backgrounds to lead a life of kindness.

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Want to become a sponsor, book me to speak, organize a book signing, take part in a kindness activity or join me for one of my hobbies? Contact me at

For press inquiries or to purchase books in bulk contact: Kimberly Escobar via email at

To book a speaking engagement, book signing or to order books in bulk, contact: Julianne Lewis via email at

Help Us Raise $50,000

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